Sun Valley 2013

First Ever: Private Plane


Working on the weekend isn’t so bad when it includes flying to Sun Valley on a private plane!  And yes, it’s as comfortable as it looks in the movies…

I’m not inclined to participate in uncontrolled snow activities that involve speed (I will have to recount my traumatic ski stories later), so what is a girl to do with her limited time off in this small town?  Drink beer, of course!

I love beer, but I don’t always know the correct nomenclature to express myself.  The expert bartender at Sawtooth Brewery had me taken care of.  He even got me to try a beer float – something that sounded ridiculous to me.  Why would you add dairy to beer?  I couldn’t imagine….  until there was espresso stout mixing with vanilla creaminess in my mouth.  Amazing!

First Ever:  Beer Float
First Ever: Beer Float


I also got to hang out with some of the rowdies at the Cellar Pub. No better place to read books about Ireland than in an Irish Pub!

I’ll be back to Sun Valley someday – more beer awaits!











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