Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

My dad had been driving pretty conservatively on this trip, to avoid the complications that would come from an accident or a ticket. And also because our car was a gutless wonder. I can confidently say that my father has never been passed by so many cars in his life.

He thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Europeans understand, and adhere to, the principle of ‘Stay Right, Except to Pass’. It’s wonderful when drivers are all on the same page. The traffic flow was nothing you would ever see in the U.S.

So it’s a little surprising that we got pulled over. I think it was a trap.

We had been waiting and waiting and waiting to pass a camper. When the roads are curvy, drivers unpredictable, and your car doesn’t have much power, the opportunities for passing don’t present themselves often. We finally saw our break. We went for it. We accelerated, changed lanes, signaled left then right…  As we were pulling back into the right lane in front of the camper, we were waived down by a police officer standing on the side of the road.

The line had changed to solid before we could complete the pass. How is one supposed to know ahead of time when the line will change to solid?

At any rate, we didn’t go back to look at it, but it seems like it was a setup.

The ticket was $50. I asked if we give them the money. No. I asked if we could mail the ticket and money. No. You have to pay it in person. Could we pay it when we get to Sarajevo? No. We can only pay it in Mostar, where we started the day, at least 30 minutes back.

It was a good cop, bad cop scenario. One seemed determined to make us pay. He wasn’t friendly. The other asked us if going back to Mostar would be a problem. Actually, since neither of them spoke English, our conversations consisted of single words.

I said we had to be in Sarajevo in a few hours. Yes, going to Mostar would be a problem. Good cop let us go.

We had dinner at Sarajevo Brewery (Sarajevska Pivara). The food wasn’t impressive, but the smokey nooks and old school atmosphere made up for it.


Sarajevo Brewery


The Church matches the Brewery!


We found a favorite place to drink beer and watch tourists – the church square. One night we had dinner at a wine bar called Noovi, the next night pasta at The Epicentrum.


Beer drinking view

As a reminder of the war, red resin fills some of the holes in the cement left by mortar shelling.


‘Sarajevo Rose’


Bombed out building next to a church


Old school tram


Old Town Main Square


I was fascinated by the variety of architecture. I have never been to a more eclectic city.

I would love to visit Sarajevo again, for a longer period of time, when it’s not blazing hot. I read a book while on this trip about the Bosnian war called Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War, written by the American journalist Peter Haas. It was horrifying and gave me a lot to think about.

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