Plitvice National Park, Croatia

We drove from Lake Bled, Slovenia to House Family Dukic, 10 mins outside Plitvice National Park.

Many places on our trip don’t have proper addresses, so Google just picks a seemingly random spot to send you to sometimes. We ended up stopping to ask for directions and picking up another lost traveler, also cursing Google. Emilia was very grateful to get a ride with us as we were several miles from where we were all staying.

We were only going to be here for one night, so we dropped our bags and headed to the park.

The lakes and waterfalls were gorgeous. Being from the Pacific Northwest, the waterfalls weren’t as impressive to me as the color of the lakes. It’s all about dolomite and limestone, minerals and organisms. The equation was perfect for us to get to see the lake a color that looked unreal, like in a dream.

We walked for hours and hours. We waited 45 mins in the blazing sun for a 20 minute ferry ride, but obviously better than walking many more hours.

Funny thing: we sat behind a row of kids on the boat, all about 2 years apart in age. Girl, boy, girl, boy. I would not have been surprised if they had said their names were Lisa, Jim, Michelle, and Brian. Except I think they were Swedish. The way they interacted could have been a scene right out of my own childhood. I actually laughed outloud when the Brian was saying something to annoy the Michelle and the Lisa was trying to get him to be quiet. I wish all my siblings could have seen it, it was precious!

The only other thing of note in the park was that we saw a dead body, six inches off the path we were walking on, covered in a white sheet (or possibly tablecloth). Park staff was waiting there with a gurney, but they didn’t close the path so everyone just walked on by. I’ve seen many dead bodies before, but I don’t recall seeing one in public, covered up like its a TV show. I don’t know why I thought it was weird that everyone was so nonchalant.

After the park, we stopped at a busy restaurant to have draft beer and pizza. Their idea of veggie pizza: corn kernels, sliced carrots and zucchini, tiny amounts of onion. Bizarre, but pretty good!

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