Hanoi, Vietnam 2012

Our hotel balcony looked down over the street. A perfect way to get oriented to the chaos, sitting above it all with a drink in hand.

When we were in Saigon, Kailee went out with a group of people and met someone from Hanoi. Through the wonders of Facebook, they were able to reconnect. She met up with him and a group of his friends. After grabbing street food for dinner, they went to sing Karaoke in a private room.  Kai had never done karaoke before – I forget that she isn’t legal to drink in the states!

My dad and I went wandering in the neighborhood and stopped somewhere random for dinner. It is really hard to have a bad meal here.  I try to research everything and make sure my family is having an incredible time, so it is awesome when I can choose a place from the street and have great food!

We didn’t spend much time in Hanoi, but we liked it. The Vietnamese people I have talked to have a great sense of humor. I may have overpaid for some T-shirts, but I had a giggle fit with the woman negotiating with me!


Funny t-shirt seller
Overly charming t-shirt seller


We went to a restaurant called New Day. I think it may be the best Pho ever. We loved it so much, we went back for lunch the next day.

Yummy pho!


A short jaunt led us to Jade Island via Huc bridge on Hoan Kiem lake. An older man asked if he could have his picture taken with Kailee. I saw several people staring at her. Like, going out of their way to look at her several times. They were Asian tourists, but I couldn’t tell from what country. I think she must look like a movie star – or the combo of her brown hair, blue eyes & red freckled face is a rarity.

Huc Bridge, Hanoi


Our last evening in Hanoi, so of course we had to spend it sitting on the street, drinking bia hoi. We chatted with other travelers and had so much fun watching the traffic while drinking 25 cent beer.






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